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Review - Revealed At Last

It was an interesting read.
Ann Widdecombe - Former British Conservative Party politician and star of the hit TV show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ (UK version of 'Dancing With The Stars')
August 2014


Peter Hutchinson the author of 
Revealed At Last  
received a very positive letter response from the 
Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury  
Revd Dr Jo Bailey Wells. UK 2014
"...I am pleased that you have responded 
so positively with this book."


"Very different approach and writing. ...keep sharing the gospel. 1st Corinthians 9:16-17. Serving In Christ,"
David Lankford - USA
The Voice of Evangelism - International Ministries


"A God-ordained connection, I am thankful for the prophetic 
word of Peter Hutchinson. 'Revealed at Last' was an 
enlightening read, filled with knowledge and fresh metaphors 
that challenge our thinking about where we are in our walks 
with Christ. I am so thankful to be a 'Peculiar Person!'

I would recommend this book for anyone serious about their 
faith and feeling constricted by 'the world's' view of how we 
are supposed to act as children of God. It is important that 
we stay covered in the Word and keep watch with eyes of 
Divine love. It is also crucial that we armor ourselves daily in 
order to fight off the ravenous wolves that are out to deceive 
us. 'Revealed at Last' is a guidebook of sorts that opens our 
eyes and assists us in Divinely finding ourselves in this 
corrupt world.
I'm excited to read more!"
Tina Wiley - USA 


"I believe the ultimate greatness of "Revealed At Last" is the combination of fresh-perspectives, simplistic-writing, on varied & compacted topics. May this book become a bestseller in the next decade or so, for all the right reasons, to those who love & aspire to live in truth."
Raul Cortes Jr. - USA


"This book is an eye opener. I learnt things in here that I never knew. For a small book it is filled with so much knowledge. It is very good." 
Rev Reid - UK

Title: Revealed at Last
By: Peter Hutchinson
Review Date: January 24, 2014
A Christian Book Review
9.9 out of 10.0 stars

Revealed at Last by Peter Hutchinson is one of those books that will greatly and positively impact your life with the truth of the Gospel.  Filled with scripture, the book helps individuals understand who they are in Christ, giving new perspective and hope for the future in Christ.  He presents Jesus, the Word and the way of Kingdom as the true path. 

The author describes himself as one who began a journey to find out if God existed after examining different religions.  What he discovered in the text of the Bible and what the Lord revealed to him as open visions and revelations will inspire, challenge and shock you.  The book is a testimony to the truth and reality of the existence of the God, the truth of the Kingdom of God and the Gospel, offering guidance and purpose in life as a “Chosen Priesthood.”  Reading this short read will move one from mediocrity into new life and victory in Jesus Christ.   

Hutchinson first begins with the chapter entitled, “Are You a Peculiar Person?”  This chapter reveals the high calling in God for which you are chosen.  His next chapter entitled, “The Church Ship” is a breath taking writing of an open vision the author had that explains the movement of the Church age.  The revelation will shock and awe you, is scriptural and emotionally moving, leaving an indelible imprint upon the soul.   Progressing into chapters that teach, exhort and help one to increase in their faith.  With refreshing insight and scripture the book gives understanding of many of the teachings of Jesus.  African Americans will also be greatly blessed with the chapter on, “Black People, The Bible and Real History,” giving insight into bloodlines and offering truth.

One will find this book fascinating, uplifting and refreshing for the Christian journey.  A highly recommended read for all new and mature believers alike.

Christian Book Review - USA

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